Accelerate your ​business with ​embedded

financial services

Quickly launch new banking features to unlock additional ​revenue streams and delight your customers.

Enhance your customer value proposition!

Grow revenue

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Generate new revenue through the launch of new financial products.

Boost retention

Magnet Attracting Leads

Create a stickier product that builds customer loyalty and increases app utility.

Lower acquisition costs

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Reduce customer acquisition costs with a more differentiate product.

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Improve satisfaction

Create a more useful and differentiated product that your customers will love.

The complete embedded finance platform

SaaS infrastructure for startups and enterprises who want to quickly build, launch and scale financial services direct to customers.



Program config keeps features ​flexible, simple, modular. You decide ​what's right for your customers.

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Developer friendly

We offer API docs, SDKs, and other resources you need to build your money experience.

best price

Flexible pricing

Adopt a pricing structure that meets the needs of your business and customer base.

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Fully licenced

We are fully licensed to provide our full range of financial services to your end customers.

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Lifecycle management

We can help you manage back office operations from customer onboarding, service & collections.

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Highly secure

Encrypted storage with built-in atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID).

Cards & Rewards

Embed virtual or physical Debit/Credit cards , transaction accounts with card-linked Cashback rewards.

Accounts & Payments

Issue transaction accounts. send & receive A2A payments domestically & internationally.

Investing & Stockback™

Launch your own US & AU share ​trading service or card-linked ​Stockback rewards/round-ups.


Manage KYC, AML and fraud. through one platform, utilising advanced image capturing.


Setup your own self-driving money solution for budgeting, saving and investing.


Launch your own branded instalment or revolving credit product via card or wallet.

Private-label App

Leverage our mobile application program interface to launch your own branded banking or investing app!

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Quickly enter the market by integrating with our customized APIs and SDKs.

Full integration

Let us assist you in integrating your preferred feature set from our range of available APIs.

Full stakk

Partner with us to have us create a comprehensive full-stack solution, integrated into our mobile application that can talk to your core systems.

Start building your

banking features today!

Stakk is a specialist embedded banking solutions provider for ​startups, governments, banks and sports teams.

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